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KKH & Associates is formed in 2014 and led by Mr Koh Khong Hua (Koh) with over 20 years of experience in Outdoor Advertising

Mission: to create networking connections in the fields of Outdoor Advertising and Out-of-Home Advertising (OOH Advertising)

Mr Koh specialises in working with key OOH stakeholders from media agencies, private and public organisations including:

city planning authorities of Asia Pacific countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, China.

airports  |  ferry terminals  |  leisure attractions  |  real estate developers  |  landlords for commercial malls

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Overview of the OOH Industry

Outdoor Advertising and also known as Out-of- Home (OOH) is the only traditional media that is still growing and it is experiencing a boost from digitalisation. This is unlike for other media such as the newspapers, magazines and TV industries which are severely disrupted by increased digitalisation and mobile advertising. Estimated MAGNA’s forecast for global growth in 2016, the increase advertising sales for OOH will be at +3.8 percent at $31 billion.

This is no surprise as urban population numbers continue to grow and OOH gets more relevant when traditional content is quickly taken over by the mobile. It is in the outdoors that audiences can be reached via OOH advertising or roadshow engagement. This is more evident in the newly emergent countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam as standards of living are rising and consumers have more disposable income than ever before.


  • Valuation – supports investors in assessing deals in the Out of Home media market to aid the commercialisation of property assets in both static and digital OOH advertising while maintaining the urban aesthetics and with adherence to the local authorities’ requirements.

  • Business Development – provides effective business solutions for both property and media owners to actively plan sales strategy and provide revenue yield maximising guidance

  • Technical Advisory – conducts fieldwork, procurement, project management, training for the technical aspects and maintenance of various formats of OOH advertising

Strengths and Abilities

Maximise ROI 80
Cultural Competence 91
Resourcefulness 84