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Introducing the KKH Logo

Camera is Essential

In advertising, the camera is one of the core assets in the production system. Only with a camera can one obtain the best pictures and videos, created with professional quality. The high quality of media is essential in making an advertisement entertaining for the reader and the market.

KKH and Associates is an Out-of-home Media Consultancy, guiding advertisers to effective outdoor advertising through a detailed analysis of their production systems. With the camera as a cornerstone of OOH advertisement production, our logo will thus be based on the camera. This signifies our importance in your outdoor advertising journey, with our consultation being the cornerstone to your success.

Our Logo

As a consultancy for outdoor advertising, branding is definitely one of our key strengths. Our logo is derived from the camera, with the grey “K”s representing the ability to manage across different modes of visuals, flash to bring light and vision to the topic of the advertisement. The red “H” represents our ability to focus, look into the smallest details and zoom out for the big picture. The colour grey represents our professionalism and vast experience, red represents focus, stability and strength.

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