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Our Principal Consultant

Mr Koh Khong Hua (Koh)
Principal Consultant at KKH & Associates

While in Posterscope SE Asia 2003-2008, my main responsibility was to open up international possibilities. This involved understanding about the OOH medium in targeted countries – studying the way the medium operates in each market and getting to know the individuals involved. This includes those in the market that we would be working with and those who are suitable, like-minded people that may work with us. It is surprising how different accounting principles and legal practices are in different countries. To open an office in another market needs some thorough investigation. In some cases, I was even involved in negotiations to buy an existing company.” – Koh

Koh’s experience in the field of Outdoor and Out of home Advertising is extensive. He is able to provide knowledgeable advice regarding many facets of the medium, in South East Asia.

From 2008 to 2013, Koh was the appointed Principal Consultant to Posterscope SE Asia – one of the largest Out-Of-Home (OOH) Specialist in the world. He also set up KKH & Associates later.