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Wise Words from our Principal Consultant

Throughout the years we have seen a stark evolution in the advertising scene, from print to broadcast to outdoor and digital platforms. Advertising has become integral in all business operations today. However, many businesses today still fail to see positive ROI despite their advertising efforts. Here are some tips and advice from our principal consultant, Mr Koh, on how to effectively do advertising.


Q. Digital/Social media advertising have gained popularity over the years. Should we still be using outdoor (OOH) advertising?


OOH advertising has always existed for a long period of time, and it supplements digital and social advertising. Therefore I strongly support the use of OOH advertising.


Q. How should I do outdoor advertising to best maximize returns?

Big format billboards create an impact of branding. When the billboards are erected in strategic locations, it will always be in line of sight of pedestrians and motorists, “forcing” them to notice the billboards.

Creative OOH advertising always creates eyeballs and garners attention. It also supplements with visual and audio impact.


Q. What is the average duration of production for billboards?


Big format billboards usually take 7 working days.

Digital billboards are more flexible, changing of visuals can be within minutes.


Outdoor advertising is strongly recommended by our principal consultant. Coupled with digital, social, visual and audio media aid, OOH is effective in getting messages across if strategically placed. When asked if OOH is recommended as the career of choice to the younger generation, this blog’s featured photo sums it up:

Hot, exciting, challengingly spicy and for some, damn shiok. And once you like chilli, you will always want it to be spicier.



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